Younique Marketing 


Creative Solutions. Younique to You!


At Younique Marketing we take pride in helping businesses of all sizes create a cohesive brand and marketing materials. We understand that owning a business is hard and requires wearing many hats, so we are here to assist in your marketing and design needs. Younique Marketing wants to be the creative addition(+) to your already unique business.

What can we offer? Just about everything!


If we aren't able to help you with something, chances are we know someone to recommend. Our goal in the end is to help you and your business succeed. Below is a list of common types of clients, services and products we can offer.


Types of Clients

  • Small - Medium Sized Businesses

  • New and Experienced Businesses

  • Individuals


Services We Offer

  • Graphic Design

  • Marketing Consultations

  • Social Media Management

  • Training Sessions

  • Branding Expertise

  • Printing Services

  • Apparel Design


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Products We Offer

  • Screen Printing & Embroidery

  • Printed Materials

    • Business Cards

    • Letterhead

    • Rack Cards

    • Hang Tags

    • Banners

    • Gift Certificates

    • Wedding Invitations

    • Signs & Posters

    • Almost Anything!

  • Promotional Products

 Solutions that WORK!



How do we approach a project?

At Younique Marketing we feel that our designs and strategies are translated in such a way that the ideas of the business owners (you!) will be explained in the final products and services you offer. Possibly in the past you have tried campaigns or designs that you liked, but your customer didn't receive as well. We help bridge that communication gap.



Each project might have the same set of solutions at the end, such as a business card design or logo design, but each project is unique. That's why we take a Younique approach! We listen very closely to the message you would like to send out, and also learn more about your target audience. We then translate it in such a way that your target market hears/sees your message loud and clear! 


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