I am my worst client!

With the big game being played right now and my website still uncomplete - I have moved my computer to my coffee table. This is the ultimate multitask!

Creating my website has been the longest design process I think I have evber done. I will openly admit that I am my worst client. There are so many design elements that I want to encorporate that the overall design of my website keeps changing. I think that being this submerged in the entire process hinders creativity and the freedom to create solutions.

The best way to do my style of a design process is to have the client come up with the "solution". Then I analyze it to see if what they are saying is actually what their clients are hearing. It removes me a bit from the situation so I can think creatively and help come up with solution that the clients may have not previously thought of because they were so close to the challenge.

Admitting it is the first step, right? I am my worst client!

#superbowl #designprocess

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