Clean Work Space = Clean Mind!

My projects keep piling up and I started to peck away at them last night but I just felt buried under all the notes and clutter. For a while my messy work space had been hindering my progress because I would dread the negative feeling I got when I walked into my office. That was it! I decided to take a good hour and organize my space. Loose notes went into folders, I set-up my new white board to help track projects and I rearranged things to be more efficient.

Now, with a fully organized space I feel like I can conquer the world...well at least my clients' projects. With only a half hour of free time, I found myself sneaking into my office today and actually getting something done because it was organized and I could just go to work.

Sometimes, it's worth it to take some time for yourself - regroup - and get ready to rock it out!

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