B Moore - Inspiration!

Brittany Moore has been one of my close longtime friends. She has inspired me with her jewelry making, helped my pass the time at our previous job as a bank teller together and has made me LOL with her contagious laugh. I was grateful when she asked me to create a logo for her business. Her jewelry designs are as unique as she is so I knew the design had to fit that.

The process took several months as we both brainstormed ideas and traded sketches. I couldn’t be more happier at the way the design turned out!

Pictured is the progression that took place during the design process. The first photo is Brittany’s sketch and ultimately the direction we took the design. The second photo shows the font I choose and the third photo shows the change of the font to morph into the logo. We wanted "B" and "Moore" to interact with each other in a graceful way. The last photo is the final logo. Colors were added and it was polished up.

Check out her amazing jewlry at http://www.bmooreoriginals.com/


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