Compromise & Balance

Life is all about compromises and balance! It is hard to run a full/part time business between the after hours of my full time job without making compromises along the way. I LOVE anything and everything marketing so I could "work" every minute of the day, but my family would probably wonder where I went. Family is very important to us so I work hard at juggling my time between them and work.

Some weeks you feel like you get a lot accomplished and others feel like you didn't get anything done even though you put in many hours. A lot of the time it comes down to time management and prioritizing. Not new words to the working woman, but actually understanding them and following through with them is important.

How do I manage my time? Here are a few steps I've learned along the way:

1. Be open and honest about the amount of work you need to accomplish on any given week with your family and yourself.

2. Set daily goals. Don't overwhelm yourself with needing to complete a huge project by the end of the week. If you set daily goals you won't feel like it's a big of a task and there is a better chance that you won't procrastinate as much.

3. Compromise! Schedule a time to spend with your family and friends, but in return ask them to respect the time you've blocked off to work. You can also try to work together. Tonight my boyfriend helped put up shelves in my office while I worked on projects. We got to catch up on our day while still being productive. Pictures of the final product coming soon!

Keep checking in with your family to see if they are receiving enough of your time because you may need to readjust the balance. Hang in there! Some weeks will be hard, others will be easier. It's all about balance in the end. Not equal, but balanced.

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