Social Media


Pin. Tweet. Like. Follow. +1. Share. It can all be confusing, but in today's world of marketing using and being on social media is a must! However, if you are going to do it, then you need to do it right. Each business has it's different needs, so Younique Marketing can be there help you in a variety of ways.


Sometimes businesses need help from square one. Others have been in the game for awhile and would like a fresh set of eyes to bring in new ideas. There are times when the company is wanting to create a social media team across departments.


Being on social media as a company/business is a serious thing. You have to be careful to come off with the right attitude and message to your followers/customers. But if you aren't having fun while doing it, then you're missing the mark!


  • Social Media Training

  • Guidance on which Platforms to be on.

  • Assist with Creating a Posting Schedule and Structure

  • Social Media Team Coordination

  • SEO Suggestions and Tips

  • Networking Guidance